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Do you want to be a dog trainer?


Dog being taught to put paw upInstructor Training Course

Would you like to take your skills to the next level? Whether your ambitions include a career as a professional dog trainer or stop at polishing your own dog’s manners to a fine sheen, we have the course for you.


Think critically.
Teach effectively.


“It (the Instructor Training Course) was undoubtedly one of the most incredible dog events I have ever attended…I will never forget it.” JS


The Instructor Training Courses (ITC) are five full days of instruction whether you sign up as a full participant or an auditor. Full registration students will also be assigned homework and a group project to work on after hours. ITC include lunch, snacks, and a completion celebration where we honor students with attendance certificates, trophies and awards. Each course is carefully designed to maximize your learning through a combination of workshops, dog training sessions, presentations, activities, games, lecture , discussion and homework assignments. Class hours run between 8 – 9 hours per day.


This professional course is designed to improve your effectiveness as an instructor. Whether you are just starting out, re-thinking your teaching methods, want to be the best teacher you can be, or need a shot of enthusiasm…this innovative continuing education program is for you. It will provide you with knowledge and skills critical for success and help you to develop your own unique style to create fun, motivating classes. ITC: Teaching & Training is designed for all levels of experience.


“The networking opportunities were wonderful.” SW


 ITC combines:

Practice Instructing


Instructing gives you practical experience teaching and receiving immediate feedback from the ITC instructor and fellow students. You get to select one of the behaviors you would like to teach and we assign the other(s).

  • If you are new to instructing, you will get the opportunity to learn using our clear step-by-step guidelines in a patient, supportive environment.
  • If you are an experienced instructor you can use this opportunity to experiment with a new training technique, rework an instructing approach you would like to improve and/or use the feedback to polish and hone your skills.


When not teaching, you will be offering positive feedback to the other teachers or you and your shelter dog are students in the class. This set up offers a great simulated classroom environment and gives everyone a chance to learn from each other.


Shelter Dog Class

The Shelter Dog Classes are designed for you to observe and try out how the ITC instructors teach their own classes or a specific behavior. Generally the exercises taught in these sessions are commonly requested by pet dog owners. Learn the instructor’s style and technique while giving your shelter dog a useful training session. This is an interactive session with you and your shelter dog acting as the students.


2 students at the Canine Behavior and Training AcademyWhy Attend?

  • Jumpstart your career as a professional dog trainer
  • Add a training specialty to your dog walking business
  • Improve shelter dogs’ manners to make them more adoptable
  • Reduce stress in daycare or boarding facilities
  • Build dog training expertise for your own satisfaction
  • Simulates real classes where undeveloped relationships, limited communication and unruly behavior are common dynamics
  • Offers a different perspective as you experience some common problems and frustrations as a “student”
  • Mirrors family dynamics when multiple people are involved with the dog training, care and handling
  • Provides a more realistic instructing environment
  • Creates empathy and insight
  • Gives you hand-on experience
  • Gives you a chance to use your professional skills to change a dogs life


What You Get

  • Safe, supportive, collaborative classroom to enhance your learning
  • Daily, hands on training with two specially assigned shelter dogs
  • Hands on work introducing shelter dogs into play groups
  • Solid understanding of canine behavior, what it means & what to do
  • Understanding of learning theory and how to apply it
  • Understanding of lure reward training, including how to fade the treat
  • Shaping
  • Learn to motivate even the most unmotivated dog
  • Certificate of completion
  • Lunch, beverages and snacks each day
  • Continuing Education CreditsCEU’s available for CCPDTs, IAABC members, and KPA-CTPs!


Who: Dog trainers, dog walkers, vet techs, dog daycare & boarding staff, shelter employees and volunteers, and anyone interested in dog behavior and training.


Location: Animals For Adoption, 4628 Rt 209, Accord, NY 12404


Duration: 5 days, Wednesday through Sunday. September 21 – 25, 2016


Class size:

  • Smaller classes, only 18 full-time students for a 9:1 student teacher ratio
  • Twice as many shelter dogs! Each student will have the opportunity to train two dogs.


  • Early Bird Registration if you register on or before 4/21/16:
  • $1495 – Full Registration: 5 days, all activities and hands-on learning
  • $695  – Auditor Registration: 5 days, auditing privileges only
  • A $150 non-refundable deposit is required for registration.  Full payment is due 60 days prior to the start of the course.
  • Registration if you register after 4/21/16:
  • $1695 – Full Registration: 5 days, all activities and hands-on learning
  • $795  – Auditor Registration: 5 days, auditing privileges only
  • A $150 non-refundable deposit is required for registration.  Full payment is due 60 days prior to the start of the course.

Upcoming Dates:

  • September 21-25, 2016 (5 full days)

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Training a puppy with positive reinforcementCurriculum

The curriculum is designed to improve your competency as an instructor and is applicable to all types of instructing. Subjects covered and hands-on learning will include:

  • Classroom Management
  • Student Personalities, How to Teach and Work with ALL People
  • How Dogs Learn (Canine Learning and Behavior)
  • Reading Stress in Dogs
  • Understanding and Evaluating Training Techniques
  • Equipment Options
  • Evaluating Canine Temperament
  • Evaluating Dogs for Safety and Adoption
  • Getting Behavior to Happen – shaping, luring, fading food etc..
  • Skills Acquisition
  • Training Your Shelter Dog
  • Working with Multiple Shelter Dogs
  • Practice Teaching to Other ITC Students and Their Dogs
  • Dog to Dog Interactions
  • Shelter Dog Classes
  • Group Presentations



Denise mazzolaMeet the Faculty:

Carolyn Barney, KPA-CTP, CNWI

Denise Mazzola, CPDT, CAP 2, Rally 3, CDX
Denise has more than 20 years’ experience working with dogs. For 10 of those years, she was Head Trainer and Director of Business for the Monadnock Human Society. She holds numerous distinctions and titles in dog training disciplines from clicker training to Rally Obedience.

Read Denise’s full bio.



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 “Unforgettable Experience”
“Denise’s “Canine Behavior and Training Academy” was an unforgettable experience.  Denise has both a natural ability and extensive education in teaching about dog behavior and how to apply it in our work training dogs.”
Cindy Stewart
Keene, NH
2011 Academy Graduate
white spaceclassroom sectionM Sally frilly collarDog training academy graduates
“good things”
 “I cannot say enough good things about her Canine Academy:  a perfect blend of reading, practical application and practice, practice, practice.  It’s not easy to teach a physical and mental skill like dog training and Denise is expert at both:  training and teaching trainers.”
Carolyn Dick -Mayes,
New Ipswhich, NH
“A wonderful week”
“I’m not a dog trainer, but Denise’s Canine Behavior & Training Academy gave me the tools to be a more confident, observant, and loving dog owner. Not only did I learn about dog training and behavior; I learned a lot about myself, what I like, how I learn, and where my deepest interests lie. A wonderful week to spend time indulging the dog lover in me.”
Pat Piper
Jaffrey, NH

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