Doggie Dilemma videos

Doggie Dilemmas

Ask the Trainer” is going to the dogs, or rather Cable Access TV via Cheshire TV

filming Doggie Dilemmas

You’ve seen National Geographic’s “The Dog Whisperer” and Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or the Dog” with Victoria Stillwell.

Now you and your dog can have your 15 (or 30 minutes) of fame!

Doggie Dilemmas is shooting 4 – 5 episodes on Tuesday March 26th beginning at 9:30 am. Please contact us if you’d like to be on the show. We are always looking for naughty doggies!

“Doggie Dilemmas” Airs on Cheshire Channel 8 at:

  •  Sunday’s at 3:00 pm
  • Wednesday’s at 9:00 pm
  • Thursday’s at 9:00 am
  • Click the links below to view past episodes

Are you having a Doggie Dilemma? Contact us if you would like to be considered for an episode. We are always looking for people and dogs to be on the show. Don’t be shy, give us a call.

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