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Individual Dog Training


Let’s be honest about dogs…

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As much as we LOVE our dogs, they can drive you crazy. The jumping, pulling, begging, house soiling, running away  and shoe-chewing can get on anyone’s nerves. And those are just run-of-the-mill dog foibles. Serious behavior problems like aggression or anxiety can be heartbreaking – and downright scary.


The good news is, we have solutions for both ends of the leash. 


Would You Like…

A dog that’s well-behaved and pays attention to you?

A dog that greets guests polietly?

A dog you can take anywhere without worry?

Whatever doggie dilemma you’re struggling with, relief is just a phone call away! Call now: 603-499-6208 for Amy Willey, CPDT-KA or 603-499-6207 for Denise Mazzola, CPDT – KA

Our Services

Dog standing on it's hind feetINDIVIDUAL PRIVATE INSTRUCTION

Where: In your home OR in our office

When: At a time that suits you.

How: We teach you and your dog in private training lessons.

What: We evaluate your dog, listen to your goals and develop a training program, and get you started right away. Packages are scheduled as needed, but 4 training sessions are common.

Cost: Single 1.5-hour consultation = $200 (one-time issues).

4-hour package = $375 (manners issues).

6-hour package = $525 (long-standing manners issues, puppies or aggression)

A blond lab lying on the grassDAY TRAINING (we train your in your home or at our office)

Where: In your home or in our office. You can be present during training or not, it’s up to you.

When: Tuesday–Saturday

How: We train your dog for you

What: We evaluate your dog and agree on a schedule that achieves your training goals. Day training involves 4 training sessions per week, and 1 handover session, where we show you how to maintain your dog’s new, improved manners.

Cost: 5 sessions/week = $450 per week (2 week minimum).

Puppy learning to stayPUPPY/NEW DOG ORIENTATION

Where: In your home or in our office.

When: At a time that suits you.

How: We give you the A to Z on bringing a new puppy or dog into your home.

What: We take you through the essentials of house-training, chewing, exercise, feeding, crate training, what equipment to use, and how to start building good manners.

Cost: 4-hour package = $375 (manners issues).
6-hour package = $525 (long-standing manners issues)


Get Help With


Walk nicely on leash, polite greetings, come when called, stay in place, go to your bed, pay attention, no begging, etc.


House-training, chewing, exercise (how much, what to do in winter), crate training, equipment (collars, harnesses, leads), socialization, how dogs learn and why you need to know, etc.


It is never too soon to start training your new puppy or dog to become a certified Therapy dog or to start training for Service Dog work. We have experience with both.


Aggression (toward people, other dogs), barking or lunging while on leash, possessiveness of food or toys (resource guarding), separation anxiety, fear issues, house soiling, counter surfing, etc.


A Note On Behavior Problems

If you are a new client and your dog has behavior issues we need to work on (including house-training problems in adult dogs), allow for an initial 1.5-hour consultation. During this session, we take a full history of your dog to develop a timeline of when and how the behavior developed. Then we discuss your goals and put together a realistic behavior modification plan.

“Amazing improvement”
“We needed help and I knew who to call. Denise came to our home and helped us train and tame our out-of-control pup. After one session, Lexie showed amazing improvement.”
Heidi Bushway, Chesterfield, NH
Dog sitting facing the camera
 “Fun and rewarding”
“Denise answered our questions, addressed our needs, was sensitive to our family and household goings-on, approached our situation with calm, humor, and a positive and professional manner, and made dog ownership fun and rewarding for all of us!
Peter and Carol Renzelman, Alstead, NH
 Head shot of a shepard dog
 Lab puppy sitting next to pumpkns


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