Shelter/Rescue Staff Training – Doggie Day Care Staff Training


Let’s face it, working with dogs can be highly rewarding as well as incredibly stressful. Everything Dog strives to train your staff to reduce their stress and increase their confidence in working with a challenging dog population. Shelter and rescue dogs come from an uncertain background. Doggie Day cares are full of dogs, different breeds, different play styles. Some have good play skills, others not so much.

Shelter / Rescue Groups

Dogs that have basic manners are more adoptable—because who wouldn’t rather go home with a dog that will sit on command? What’s more, shelter and rescue staff are safer if they understand canine behavior and body language, and both staff and animals experience less stress.

Dogs that play together are less stressed. We will train your staff to confidently introduce dogs to one another. This allows dogs to be housed together, after all they are a social species. Learn how to successfully conduct dog introductions with the adopters dog so dogs go home liking each other.

Doggie Day Care

Dogs come to day care to play and have fun. Learn how to recognize early warning signals, signs of high arousal and predation all indicate that dogs need a break. Understand how different play styles can impact the play group. Learn how to safely and successfully introduce dogs to your day care.

Everything Dog’s Staff Training is a fully customizable training program that teaches canine behavioral skills and training techniques to staff and volunteers at dog rescue organizations, municipal and private animal shelters as well as doggie day cares and boarding facilities.


Why It’s Valuable

Improve shelter dogs’ manners to make them more adoptable • Reduce stress for dogs through mental stimulation • Teach staff to understand canine behavior and read body language • Boost staff and volunteer morale • Increase staff confidence – Have structured play groups, that lower dog stress – Lower the risk of liability from hapless mistakes And much more…

What You Get

  • Customized training program
    • Dog body language
    • How to introduce dogs safely and with success
    • How to form fun and safe play groups
    • Solving behavior problems in your kennel/shelter/rescue
    • Every interaction with a dog is a teaching/training opportunity – how to maximize the interaction
  • Interactive workshop
  • Ongoing training as needed
  • Hands-on training
  • Hands-on dog introductions to form play groups or to introduce to a potential adopter’s dog
  • Binder and Handouts


Who: Dog rescue staff, volunteers, shelter employees and volunteers, doggie daycare and boarding staff.
Duration: Recommend two full days, 9:00 to 5:00 pm. If your organization is local or within a short driving distance (less than 1 hour) we can schedule shorter, targeted sessions, starting with a 4 hour session.
Method: Power point, video analysis, photo analysis, demos, and hands-on exercises. Seminars are very interactive.

Scheduled at your facility




The science of canine behavior | learning theory | canine motivation | dog communication & body language | breed characteristics | basic dog manners training

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Denise Mazzola, CPDT-KA, CAP 2, Rally 3, CDX

Denise has more than 20 years’ experience working with dogs. For 10 of those years, she was Head Trainer and Director of Business for the Monadnock Human Society. She holds numerous distinctions and titles in dog training disciplines from clicker training to Rally Obedience.

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Shelter / Rescue / Doggie Day Care Staff Training can be held at your convenience and at your facility for minimum disruption and ease for your staff.

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“changed our practice for the better”
“It is my pleasure to tell you how your demonstration, as well as Danielle and Lottie’s training in 2006, has changed our practice for the better.  Once they introduced the basic behavior component to my staff, we were able to offer an invaluable service that not many veterinary practices in our area even address.  Using this training allows us to help clients take their puppies and mold them into outstanding adult dogs.
It’s especially satisfying when our clients watch with amazement as their puppy quietly sits at our feet, watching our hands intently waiting for its next reward.  The once upon a time, “He hates going to the vet” has been replaced by, “He loves coming here and pulled me up the steps!”  All this because of positive reinforcement of a puppy’s good first experience.  Even helping clients whose dogs have some basic behavioral problems has become a reality, though I never hesitate to recommend a consultation with you when a problem is out of my comfort zone.
Thank you for the service you provide…”
Robert A. Bergantino, D.V.M.
Adams Animal Hospital
Athol, Ma.
white spacepuppies playing in a kennel
Dog looking for a home

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