Success Stories


At Wits End – Saving Brady

Carolyn and boysAfter adopting two dogs from the local shelter, I was at a loss as to what to do, as I had not had dogs since I was a kid and one of my new charges, Brady was a challenge – so much so that my husband and I were considering returning him if we couldn’t get his behavior under control.   At my wits end, I called around in search of a professional that could train my dogs and, more importantly, train me and my husband.  It was Denise, with her deep understanding of dogs and dog behavior, that made the difference between a dog we could live with versus a dog destined to be returned to the pound.  Denise works wonders and, in addition, she runs her own mini-rescue:  rehabilitating dogs that lesser trainers don’t stand a chance of helping.  She has true “dog genius” and I recommend her unequivocally.

-Carolyn Dick-Mayes, New Ipswhich, NH

TiivoLumi“Doing Great”

This thank you note is long overdue! We have been benefiting daily from the time, love and effort that you put in to helping us solve our dear Lumi’s anxieties. She is doing great. We’ve been able to call her from 3 houses down with the whistle. Amazing. We are so impressed with all of your skills – and your willingness to train in both English and Estonian!

The Ruutopolds, Hancock, NH


“The Dog Whisperer ” Of the Northeast

Dennis and Pat Hinson with Will EDennis and I wish to express our gratitude for your training Will E. Your success with Will E has blessed our family. Before you took him under your wing, we could not get him potty trained. We had all but given up when Dennis called you.

Since you returned Will E to us (3 weeks ago), there have been no “mistakes”. He now clearly lets us know when he needs to go outside, and also holds it until he can be let out.

We now are able to fully enjoy our new addition to the family. We are happy to have “rescued” Will E from a young lady who could not keep him and we are thankful for your accomplishment. Because of your training methods and genuine love and devotion to animals, we think of you as “the dog whisperer “ of the Northeast. We are so blessed to have you in the Monadnock area.

Dennis and Pat Hinson

Jack: Super-Charged Energy

“To my fellow dog-loving owners: put your trust in Denise! She’s a compassionate dog lover who goes above and beyond to help your dog find his way to good behavior. Our dog Jack was such a handful that I feared I’d have to find him a home with someone else. His life was in danger because of his aggressive car chasing—and my family didn’t even want to stop by my house for fear he would knock one of them over and cause an injury.

Denise got Jack to listen using amazingly effective, positive techniques and then taught me how to take the reins. Jack and I have a wonderful relationship now and I’m really in love with him. Thank the heavens I had the good luck to find Denise. By the way, Denise is unique in the dog training world: She is both a people person and a dog person. Working with her is a lot of fun.”

–Ann Johnston, South Woodstock, VT

Luther: All-Round Lack of Manners

“Denise Mazzola is one of the best, if not the best, dog trainer in the country. When I first adopted my dog, I called Denise to help me with his training. He had many issues to address: Digging, jumping, not coming when called, chasing cars, pulling on leash, and barking whenever we were in the car together.

Denise came to my home, evaluated Luther, and then taught me how to get the behavior I want from my dog. Her training methods are gentle and produce excellent results quickly. For example, Denise broke my dog’s car-chasing habit in about 30 minutes. That was one-and-a-half years ago and he has yet to chase another car. There are no more holes in my yard, I can take him in the car, and even to the farmer’s market and band concerts. He is always well behaved. I can’t praise Denise enough, because I now have a very well-trained and happy dog. And that makes me a very happy dog owner.”

–Minna Good, Walpole, NH

Nellie: No Impulse Control

Kim and Nellie

“When we adopted Nellie, she was as disobedient as she was sweet. Sometimes it felt like she was the one running our house. After many shoes chewed, holes in our couches, and a hole in our wall, we were at our wits’ end. We knew that if we couldn’t fix her behavioral issues, Nellie was going to have to be re-homed.

Denise came to our aid. We focused on some of Nellie’s biggest issues: Impulse control, over-protectiveness of her chew bone, not coming when called, and not respecting people’s space and rules. Thankfully, we have seen tremendous improvement in Nellie’s ability to control her impulses and in her general obedience. We still work on her over-protectiveness of bones and her recall, but have seen progress in these areas, too. And with Denise’s help, we now have the resources and knowledge to continue Nellie’s training.”

–Kim Thompson, Keene, NH

Mackie: In Boarding Heaven

“Our dog Mackie is one of our most important family members, and we always leave her with Denise when we go away. There I know she’ll be safe, have a great time with other dogs and family members, get lots of exercise, and not think of us once. In fact, I have to say goodbye in the car before I leave Mackie, because when she gets to Denise’s place she has no more time for me!”

–Barbara Michelson, Peterborugh, NH

Lexie: Out-Of-Control Puppy

Heidi Bushway and  lexie

“Nine years ago, I began attending Denise’s training classes with my first Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Rocksie. Rocksie learned a lot, but she was extremely timid, so I hired Denise for private session. She immediately tuned into how Rocksie’s mind worked and gave us a number of suggestions and tools to deal with Rocksie’s shy personality. It made a huge difference and Rocksie became less fearful, even passing her Canine Good Citizenship test—a remarkable accomplishment for our timid girl.

My second BMD puppy, Lexie, couldn’t have been more different. Outgoing, rambunctious, and fearless, Lexie wore us out and seemed oblivious to instruction or discipline. We needed help and I knew who to call. Denise came to our home and helped us train and tame our out-of-control pup. After one session, Lexie showed amazing improvement. We worked with Denise for about six weeks and gradually our little monster turned into a well-behaved, happy girl.

Later, we took Denise’s Down Town Dog course and Lexie learned to keep up her manners in unfamiliar settings. Lexie now goes everywhere with me, including my office, where she lays quietly during the day, waiting for lunch and a nice walk around the neighborhood.

Thank you, Denise!”

–Heidi Bushway, Chesterfield, NH

Grendel: Vet Trip During Boarding

“For many years, my wife and I have relied on Denise for guidance with the rescue dogs we foster for the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Nashoba Valley, MA. Our most recent rescue, Grendel, stayed at Denise’s home on several occasions, both in daycare and in short-term boarding while we traveled. He loved staying at Denise’s and getting to go on long walks and trips to Goose Pond with the other dogs.

Last year we arranged for Denise to board Grendel over Thanksgiving while we flew to Indiana to be with family. We left him knowing he was secure and in good hands, as always. The next day Denise called us with concerns she had about Grendel’s health. That morning she had noticed Grendel’s urine in the snow was off color. She took him to our veterinarian and sure enough, he needed a course of antibiotics right away. Denise took care of the situation and assured us all was under control so we could go on and enjoy our visit in Indiana.

This is why we have the greatest confidence in Denise. She’s very competent and professional, and she loves working with our special friends.”

–John and Cathy Northcott, Marlborough, NH

Tucker: Managing her issues

MJ and Becky

When we lost our 16 year dog, Bailey, Tucker the remaining dog had a major breakdown. To begin, Tucker came from a puppy mill and was stuck in a cage off the ground for the first 6 months of her life.  We enlisted Denise’s help for us and for Tucker.  Tucker would bark nonstop, would not do her business anywhere but home. Which prevented us going away or even boarding her.  She would not eat for days on end.  If friends came over and left the room, the barking would start all over again.

With  Denise’s guidance we changed our behavior to understand tucker is who she is and we can make it easier for her but not perfect.  As the months passed, we saw a change in Tucker’s behavior in that her barking decreased, she was able to transition better and was able to go for walks, chase squirrels at the park and be a dog. It came time where we thought she would benefit from a playmate.  With Denise’s assistant, we were able to determine that Tucker would be best paired with a smaller dog who was confident and came with “no issues”.

We were blessed to have the opportunity to have a brand new puppy come over to visit at age 6 weeks for day visits that eventually led to overnights which led to a permanent home at age 8 weeks.  Because of this, the transition was seamless, Denise would come over to observe how things were progressing , assess how we were doing and gave us helpful hints along the way. Denise is straight forward and communicates in a manner that makes total sense.I am happy to say that after 6 yrs of not being able to go away, Tucker and Tanner went to Denise’s for 4 days and did great!!

Tucker still has her issues and always will, but manages them much better and having Tanner and changing our behavior certainly has helped!Thank you Denise for helping us recognize Tucker for who she is and helping us search for Tanner!

Becky and MJ

Dali: Home-Style Boarding

Dana and Dali“I’ve been taking my Foxhound, Dali, to Denise for boarding for several years now. I like the home-style boarding she offers—it helps keep down the stress levels for the dogs. At Denise’s, dogs aren’t put in a crate only to be fed and taken out to go the bathroom every once in a while. Being a hound, Dali has a lot of energy and Denise will actually take her running in the morning and often for a long walk in the afternoon, too.

Another great thing is that Denise can train the dog during boarding if there are issues you’d like her to work on. I highly recommend Denise if you want your dog to stay in a friendly, home-like environment while you are away.”

Dana Taylor, Keene, NH

Saffy – Nervous New Dog Owners

As nervous new dog owners, there was no doubt in our minds that Denise Mazzola was the perfect professional to educate us alongside our dog, Saffy, to create a successful working and living relationship. Denise answered our questions, addressed our needs, was sensitive to our family and household goings-on, approached our situation with calm, humor, and a positive and professional manner, and made dog ownership fun and rewarding for all of us! We look forward to continuing to call upon Denise as we make the time in the future to educate ourselves and Saffy even further. Thank you, Denise—we couldn’t be happier and more comfortable with being dog owners now!

Peter and Carol Renzelman, Alstead, NH

Lindsey – On the Canine Behavior and Training Academy

As both a participant in and host for Canine Behavior & Training Academy, I can speak to the value of this week-long program.  The Academy was the beginning of my dog training career and the skills I gained have helped me save hundreds of shelter dogs in the past six years.  As a host agency for the Academy, we are given the opportunity to send a staff member who then brings back all of the information and tips to help our shelter population.  The other participants help us train the dogs in our care giving them a leg up (so to speak) heading into their forever homes.  Denise is a fantastic speaker and educator, giving information in an easy to use and meaningful way.  I recommend the Academy to any budding trainer or anyone who loves dogs.

Lindsay Hamrick, CPDT-KA
Chief Operating Officer
Animal Rescue League of NH – &
Animal Rescue League of NH – North –

Cindy – On the Canine Behavior and Training Academy

Cindy and JackDenise’s “Canine Behavior and Training Academy” was an unforgettable experience.  Denise has both a natural ability and extensive education in teaching about dog behavior and how to apply it in our work training dogs.   Learning and understanding dog language has made a great contribution to my work.  Being able to work with a shelter dog at the workshop and teach him basic behaviors was an extremely valuable experience.  It was fascinating to watch the other trainers and their shelter dogs show improvement as the week went on.  I have used all of my experiences in this workshop and will continue to use them as I grow as a dog trainer.

Cindy Stewart, Keene, NH
2011 Academy Graduate

Carolyn – On the Canine Behavior and Training Academy

Training Academy Testimonial“I cannot say enough good things about her Canine Academy:  a perfect blend of reading, practical application and practice, practice, practice.  It’s not easy to teach a physical and mental skill like dog training and Denise is expert at both:  training and teaching trainers.”

Carolyn Dick-Mayes, New Ipswhich, NH


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