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At Everything Dog we look at behavior and training through a deep understanding of the Whole Dog.

As Family Dog Mediators and Certified Professional Dog Trainers we start with the WHY behind behavior as our guide to the HOW of changing behavior for a comprehensive and effective practice that considers the Whole Dog.

Although we are in the Northeastern part of the United States, we help people and dogs all over the world.

Our clients work with us via in-person services, dog training classes, virtual dog consults, and our on-demand online dog training courses.

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Denise Mazzola

BFA, CPDT-KA, Founder, Owner

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Ditch Your Dog's Aggression in 5 Steps

More socialization, training and being more dominate will NOT stop your dog’s aggressive behavior.

We need to start with you, changing your behavior first, then your dogs.

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