Board and Train

Board and Train

We train your dog for you

Your Dog, Picked Up, Trained, Returned. Easy.

Everyone appreciates a well mannered dog, but not everyone is a dog trainer.

We can train your dog at our country home where your dog will be treated like part of the family, then return her to you with good dog manners! You can drop your dog off, or we can do a pick up and drop off service. We serve all of New Hampshire, Boston, NYC, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont plus Northern New Jersey.

About Board and Train

Where: In Keene, NH at our  home.

When:  Call for availability.

How: We train your dog while she’s staying at our house.

What: Start with an initial consultation. Contact us regarding a virtual Initial Consult or an In-person consultation

Cost: $1,500 per week, with a three-week minimum. House training and aggression requires a longer stay. 2-3 Transfer sessions are included. 

Other Costs:

1 week of settling in is $500 (boarding cost). Not necessary for house training.

Call for pick up/return costs.

Denise training a dog

 Board and Train Sample Behaviors 

House training, we have house trained a wide variety of ages and breeds, from 11 months to 3 years, from Jack Russell terriers to Mastiffs! Some dogs ring a bell others developed their own signal. We pay special attention to the process of generalizing this behavior to your home.

Rowdy behavior. Some dogs act like three year olds with no impulse control, they jump, bark, rush out doors and drag you on their walks. We can fix that.

Resource guarding. Dogs that guard or become defensive around their food bowl or other high value items cab successfully trained to enjoy sharing with their human family members.

Dog reactivity. Feeling embarrassed when you walk your dog? Tired of being a member of the midnight-dog-walkers-club? We can train your dog to look at you and not pay attention to other dogs.

Getting Started

Schedule a Virtual Initial Consultation. You can schedule here. 

Then you drop your dog off (or we can pick up). Most dogs will need a week to settle into our home. This getting settled week is $500, then the training begins. All house training dogs begin immediately. 

Note: Board & Train is 3 weeks minimum, plus one week of settling in. Housetraining issues have a 5-week minimum, but can be longer depending on the age of the dog and the severity of the problem.

Having a well behaved dog is easier than you think.

Are you ready to get started?