Day 2 of the Extreme Mutt Makeover transport.

Annie the beagle needs emergency vet care…. Tuesday August 17th, 2010 Pinson, Tenn. This morning started with Sally jumping on the bed, licking my face. Yes, this was affectionate, but it’s also her way of saying “Yo, you in bed. I need to go out!” So, out we went. I think it was 7 am. […]

Extreme Mutt Makeover Transport of 22 dogs.

I’m reposting my journals from the 22 dog transport we did from Dallas, Tx to NH in 2010. Day 1: Monday August 16th 2010. Arrived at HSNT at 8:00 am. Had to completely unload the van to reach the first set of crates. To say it’s hot in Texas is the biggest understatement ever made. […]

Choosing the Right Dog

by Denise Mazzola, CPDT – KA   A Dog is a Friend for Life; Choose Accordingly! We don’t get to pick our family members. You are born into a family unit with all the history, traditions, warts and all. Even our life partners are selected, carefully (hopefully). We watch for red flags, such as abuse […]

Holiday Tips for Your Pup

by Denise Mazzola, CPDT – KA   Five Sanity Saving Tips to Make the Holidays Happier For You & Your Dog   The holidays are upon us. It’s a time filled with of love, joy and peace, yet it can be a very stressful time for everyone including our pets. With house cleaning, gift buying, […]

What is a Brain Toy

  by Denise Mazzola, CPDT – KA   Exercise is so important for our dogs and also for us. There is very little that can replace a good romp through the woods or chasing a ball in the back yard. Dog’s need the large muscle movements. If you live in the northeast you know all […]