Free Webinar Series – Dog Aggression, Fact vs. Fiction


Loose Leash

by Denise Mazzola, CPDT – KA   Please keep the leash loose, please.   Today on my early morning run, I saw a woman who was walking her dog on the trail. I was running with, Frankie, he was loose, dragging his leash so I could get him quickly if needed, well, that was the […]

Resource Guarding

by Denise Mazzola, CPDT – KA   Resource guarding is the ultimate culture clash between dogs and humans. In the world of survival of the fittest, she who gets the best bed and the most food wins by living, by surviving to pass on her genes. After all, reproducing and passing on genetics is the […]

The Importance of Exercise

by Denise Mazzola, CPDT – KA   So many times we want the quick-fix. How many advertisements are there for weight loss magic, just take this pill or avoid a certain food. Need to stop cigarette smoking? Use the patch, want your children to behave, plop them in front of a video game, you get […]

Puppy Training

by Denise Mazzola, CPDT-KA   When Should I start Training My Puppy? Recently I’ve had several phone calls from new puppy owners asking when they should begin training their puppy. The conversation is full of how wonderful the puppy is, how cute and friendly. These puppy owners emphasized that there are no behavior problems.   […]

Hardwired to Focus on the Negative

by Denise Mazzola, CPDT-KA   I think the question I get asked the most is, “how long do I need to use treats” and my answer, “how long do you want to get paid for working?” Humans are stingy.   Scientists have shown that humans are hard wired to remember the negative. When we were […]