Long Term Confinement

Keep Your Puppy and Your Belongings Safe What is Long-Term Confinement? Long-term confinement is a strategy for confining your puppy when you will be away for longer than she can be crated for. See the guidelines for ages and crating times here. This type of confinement prevents destructive chewing and potty accidents, provides boundaries, and teaches […]

Crate Training Your Puppy

Give Your Puppy a Safe Place of His Own What is a Crate? A crate can be made of plastic or wire, and can be purchased at almost any pet supply store. The crate should be just large enough for your puppy to lie down comfortably, stand up fully and turn around. Size is important; […]

House Training Your Puppy

A Few Weeks of Work for Long-Term Success The Key is to Limit Her Space The most efficient way to house train your puppy is to limit her space using an appropriately sized crate, 6-foot leash, or a small area of confinement in your home. By limiting your puppy’s space, not only will you drastically […]


Don’t Miss This Time Sensitive Opportunity Teaching your puppy the world is safe prevents problems in the future. What is Socialization? Socialization is the developmental process whereby puppies familiarize themselves with their constantly changing surroundings. It is how they work out what is safe and good as opposed to what is dangerous and not-so-good. Having […]