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dog body language and aggressive behavior

Dog Body Language & Aggressive Behavior

The goal of this mini-seminar is to teach you to better understand what your dog is saying through his/her body language. Your dog is communicating all the time, but many people simply do not recognize what their dog is saying. Did you know that when your dog yawns, she is stressed? Panting when it’s not hot out is also stress?

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Dog Psychology

Dog Psychology: Why Do Dogs Do That?

Hello and welcome to Dog Psychology: Why Do Dogs Do That? This is an on demand course on dog training and behavior that you can watch at your own pace and as many times as you would like. We LOVE our dogs but sometimes their behavior can be super annoying or challenging. This webinar presentation has been designed to help

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how to read dog body language

How To Read Dog Body Language

Dogs are born with an incredibly intricate and complex communication system and it’s all about  body language and signals. This webinar recording; Dog Body Language; Unlocking Your Dog’s Communication System covers some of the most common dog body language signals that people miss or misinterpret. Sometimes dog body language and communication is really obvious and often, it’s a bit more

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potty training for puppies

Potty Training for Puppies

Potty Training for Puppies is an on demand virtual course for puppies (and their owners) who are still learning the potty training ropes AND for older puppies and dogs who may not be fully potty trained. Potty Training for Puppies was developed to help puppy owners get a quick handle on potty training, and to set puppies and their people

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Bell Training for Dogs

Bell training for dogs or puppies is an easy two step process. Having your dog trained to ring a bell to go outside eliminates the frustrating guessing game around when your dog or puppy is asking to go out. It’s a clear signal that says, “I need to go out now, please!”. The bells are also portable so you can take

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