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  1. This was the last class of the puppy package we viewed, so these comments count for all three (!). We could not be more pleased with the quality of these classes: the clear explanations of the individual concepts within each class, the quality of the handouts, and the wonderful videos demonstrating and expanding upon the course material. We learned a lot, and feel much better prepared for our new puppy.

    We also appreciate being able to download each course: I’m sure we’ll be watching them again as our “puppy journey” continues.

    Thank you!

    Jim Meltzer and Cindy Amidon

  2. Good advice. I’m eager to start socialization safely now.
    I have one question. My puppy nips my legs. How do I control this behavior? I go UGH, AGH etc. but he just comes back and repeats the nips.

    1. Hi and great that you are ready to go out with your puppy to safely socialize! There can be a lot of reasons that puppies nip at legs. Sometimes it’s genetic (herding pups), sometimes it’s just fun to jump and grab at things and sometimes we humans accidentally reinforce it with a lot of attention. Without knowing all the details of your situation, I would suggest 2 things: 1) make sure you take time and play fun tug games with your puppy so that he has an outlet for his desire to tug and interact with you. I’m assuming that he likes tug and this is part of his motivation for grabbing at you. and 2) when your puppy nips at your legs, you will immediately say “too bad” or Uh oh” or whatever phrase comes easily to you and then matter of factly, without extra words and talking, time your puppy out either in his crate (no it won’t make the crate a bad space as long as he is well adjusted to it) or behind a baby gate somewhere away from you. In other words, nipping at you gets him removed from you. You may need to have your puppy dragging a leash after you do this once or twice so you can catch him easily and remove him to time out. Good luck and feel free to reach out for a quick consult if you need more guidance around this!

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