Day Training

We train your dog for you

Let professionals train your dog...

We can train your dog for you, in your home, while you work. 

As much as we LOVE our dogs, they can drive us crazy. The jumping, pulling, begging, house soiling, running away  and shoe-chewing can get on anyone’s nerves. Let us help you by training your dog for you in the comfort of his/her home., in 

About Day Training

Where: In your home. 

When: Tuesday–Saturday

How: We train your dog in your home.

What: After an Initial consult, we’ll develop a training plan to meet your goals. Day training involves 8 training, and 3 handover session.

Cost: $550 per week (2 week minimum). Initial consult must be done first. 

Denise training a dog

Having a well behaved dog is easier than you think. We can help.

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