Day Training

"Day" Training or Board and Train

We Train Your Dog for You

For Fast Results, Let professionals train your dog for you:

 Day Training Packages

We can train your dog for you, in your home, while you work. Simple, Easy and FAST.

As much as we LOVE our dogs, they can drive us crazy. The jumping, pulling, begging, house soiling, running away and shoe-chewing can get on anyone’s nerves. Let us help you by training your dog for you in the comfort of your home.

Day Training is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to have your dog trained. If you are tired of jumping, barking, and not coming when called – let professionals do the training. 

We develop a training and behavior plan to meet your goals for your dog. Sample behaviors include: Sit, lay down, Come when called, polite greeting behavior, and impulse control. 

Day training involves 8 training sessions and 3 transfer sessions. Transfer sessions are where we teach you what your dog knows. 

 Day Training package is $950.00 per week (2-week minimum). Initial consult must be done first.  Schedule a Virtual Consultation here

Denise training a dog
Denise training a dog

 Board and Train Packages

Bring your dog to our country home for training

Board and Train is an excellent way to get reliable behaviors. While your dog is living with us, in our home (we do not have a kennel), every interaction is a training opportunity and your dog has a daily training schedule.

 Board and Train is $1,999 per week, with a three-week minimum. Housetraining and aggression require a longer stay. 2-3 Transfer sessions are included. 

Please note, we do NOT use shock collars, prong collars or chokers. 

Other Costs:

1 week of settling in is $700 (boarding cost). Not necessary for house training.

You can drop your dog off, or we can do a pick-up and drop-off service (extra fees apply). We serve all of New Hampshire, Boston, NYC, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont plus Northern New Jersey. Call for pick up/return costs.

Having a well-behaved dog is easier than you think. We can help.

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