Ditch Your Dog’s Aggression in 5 Steps

Doggie Dilemmas

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Newly Adopted Dog is Reactive

Sonya: barking and reactive on walks

Typical adolescent dog problems

The power of brain toys for your dog

Frankie, is he really aggressive?

Lilly, not friendly with other dogs

The power of using the right equipment

Chewey has no impulse control

Mustang Sally and the Extreme Mutt Makeover Contest

Mustang Sally part two

Mustang Sally part three

Mustang Sally part four, meeting other dogs

Mustang Sally part five

Mustang Sally, how to trim your dog’s nails

Mustang Sally all about dog play

Mustang Sally’s last training session


Benny Part 2



Benny generalizing

Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue

One Stop Country Pet

Bella and Shadow the Cat


Rebel – living up to his name

Rebel part two

Jack the St. Bernard mix

Jack Part Two

Jack Part Three

Jack Part Four

Jack Part Five – recalls

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