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Nosework Classes

Nose Work

Upcoming Classes

Please note that the scheduled in-person classes will run only if we are able to safely do so and the facilities we rent remain open for rentals. We are hopefully optimistic that these classes will run.

  • October 2020: Nose Work Introduction Class for Beginners (All Food Dogs who are just starting out OR who are working on their searching skills). Thursdays at 7:30 pm at the Swanzey Community House. 4 Week Class. October 8th, 15th 22nd & 29th.

  • October 2020: Intro to Odor and Odor Searching. Saturdays at 10:30 am at the Swanzey Community House. 5 Week Class.
    October 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st & November 7th.

    Future classes will be posted once we are confident that these classes will run. (Due to COVID-19)



One of the most natural things in the world is for your dog to use his nose to sniff out stuff. In this class we will introduce your dog to searching games where we teach him that it is OK to use his nose! As dogs progress we will make the searching games more complex, introduce target odors and expand the searching to larger areas, outdoors & vehicles.

Whether you want to compete in the world of Nose Work or you just want some fun new games to play with your dog, this class will provide a great foundation to scent work.

Join us for this fun class where dogs get big rewards for using that powerful sense of smell, and you and your dog grow your bond as you work on new skills together.