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Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy Kindergarten

Upcoming Classes:

Please note that the scheduled in-person classes will run only if we are able to safely do so and the facilities we rent remain open for rentals. Please also check out our options for virtual classes.

  • October 2020 (In Person Class): Thursdays at 5:30 pm. 5 Week Class. Orientation virtually on WEDNESDAY September 30th. Remaining classes are in-person on the following Thursdays Oct 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th.
    PLEASE NOTE: The orientation for this class will be held virtually on Wednesday, September 30th from 5:30 – 6:30 pm. All other classes will run in person on Thursday nights as scheduled.


  • November 2020 (Virtual Class): Wednesdays at 5:30 pm. 5-week class. November 11th, 18th, December 3rd (THURSDAY), 9th & 16th. CLICK HERE for details and registration.

    Future classes will be posted once we are confident that these classes can run. (Due to COVID-19)

    We also offer an in-home Puppy Consult AND to get you and your puppy started off right.  Contact Us to get your consult scheduled!

    There is also an online Puppy K class that starts on September 10th. You can find details on that class under online training options. A GREAT option for any puppy!


Prerequisite: Puppies must have 2 sets of vaccinations.

During your puppy’s first 16 weeks of life, known as the “socialization window,” he’s learning constantly. Just as with children, his early experiences form the foundation of his future behavior. Why is this important? If you want your puppy to grow up into a polite, well-adjusted dog, you need to teach your puppy impulse control in all areas of his/her life. Waiting to go outside is a huge safety issues, waiting to be fed, to be leashed, not picking up dropped food and many other areas of control. Our puppy classes focus on setting you and your puppy up for a life time of success.

Our Puppy Kindergarten helps you do all this and more! We give you the lowdown on puppy training, equipment, routines, what brain toys are and how to use them, and provide supervised playtime with other vaccinated puppies.

Please note that the first class of every Puppy K series is an orientation for people only.

Puppy K includes: House-training support, alone-training, barking, jumping, chewing, biting, and body handling to get your puppy comfortable about visiting the vet and groomer. Basic puppy manners: Sit, down, come, impulse control – for us the hallmark of good dog behavior, and walking nicely on a leash.