Ditch Your Dog’s Aggression in 5 Steps

The Classy Canine

The Classy Canine

Upcoming Classes:

Due to Covid, ALL in-person classes are on pause and there is no virtual option for this class available.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss other training options. We are seeing a limited number of local clients in-person and would be happy to help you!


Basic Manners Class


Want your dog’s good manners to last a lifetime?  Want a dog who can greet people politely and who has super leash manners? In this class, you will take your dog’s skills to the next level by working on behaviors that help your best friend be the best companion he can be.

We sharpen your dog’s existing cues (this class is designed for dogs who have a sit, down and leave-it) and we add a few new ones to give your dog the skills he needs to be a well-rounded and polite canine citizen.

The Classy Canine includes: polite greeting, leashing up manners, impulse control, loose leash walking and attention, coming when called in the presence of distractions, calmly settling when asked, improving your sits, downs and leave its, and to make sure you are having fun we will practice a couple of tricks too!