Extreme Mutt Makeover Transport of 22 Dogs

Mustang Sally

I’m reposting my journals from the 22 dog transport we did from Dallas, Tx to NH in 2010.

Day 1:

Monday August 16th 2010.

Arrived at HSNT at 8:00 am. Had to completely unload the van to reach the first set of crates. To say it’s hot in Texas is the biggest understatement ever made. 100 degrees in the shade. We paired up dogs in a small fenced in area, then designated a crate for them. Rachel (18) Laura (20) and Olivia (13) all pitched in bringing up dogs, observing their behavior and finding appropriate size crates. When the heat was too much, they went into the huge walk in refrigerator to cool down. The heat reminds me of New Orleans after Katrina. You couldn’t drink enough water and this was just the same.


Once all the crates had dogs, we had to move F-A-S-T to get them in the van. Dogs that went in first, were of course getting hotter while we loaded everyone else. I was already sweating so much that my shirt and pants were dripping sweat, marathon type sweat, but I was sweating from worry about the dogs. Everyone pitched in. We closed up the van and I took off around the block. Needed to get the vehicle moving to keep it really cool. Rachel and Olivia went with Nalda and Tammy to begin the paperwork on 22 dogs!


While driving around the block I began to wonder about the vaccination schedule of 3 aussie puppies we put on. I parked in the shade and ran in to inquire. They had only one vaccination on board, bummer. Transport requires two sets. Out I go, begin unloading dogs until I find the puppies. Puppies are in high demand in the North East, but 2 vaccinations really keeps puppies alive.


Removing the puppy crate also opened up enough space to move the air better so it seemed like it was for the over all good as well.

Dogs were loaded by 10:00 am, paper work was ready by 11:15 am. We drove away at 11:20 am. Destination Pinson, Tenn.


Stopped once for the bathroom and food. I pulled into McDonalds drive through while Rachel and Olivia ran to the bathroom. Then RAchel got in the drivers seat, while I ran in. We switched back before we were out of the drive through. We did that in record time.


A couple of hundred miles into the trip a fight broke out. Rachel yelled. Nothing was stopping it. Thankfully I was right at an exit so I pulled off. Braked hard several times in an effort to shake them up so they’d stop. It kept going. Found a safe place to pull off and ran out of the van, flung open the back doors and was greeted by panting dogs. We peered into the crates with more than one dog and finally found a blood spot.


The Heeler pups had gotten into it. It’s hot. They are hungry and they can’t get away from each other. Tex had a nick on his ear. We put Annie the heeler back into the crate but let Tex ride shot gun with Sally. Boy, she is a great dog to just move over and make room for an 8 month old crazy dog! Rachel put pressure on the small tear and it stopped bleeding.


Sally is sound asleep on the seat, but Tex is all over the place. Rachel asks, “mom, what is in the red bag?” I tell her treats! Oh, she says. That’s way Tex is trying to get to it. Now remember, Sally has been back there all alone as well as with the girls and she NEVER made a move on the food. Food motivated, vs not food motivated.

Made a final stop at a DQ restaurant. Had a turkey sandwhich, Yum. Made it to Pinson at 9:00 pm. Jennifer had already put water and food in all the runs. The dogs were great. Some got exercise while others will have to wait until the morning.


We were in the house by 11 and in bed by midnight. Not a bad first day!


Denise Mazzola

Denise Mazzola


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