Welcome to Everything Dog’s course on socializing your puppy safely!


We want to help you nurture a puppy who will mature into a confident and resilient adult dog.

There is soooo much information out there about socializing puppies and sadly, not all of it will get you that well-socialized puppy that you want. In fact, some of that not-so-great information might just get you the opposite.

This course will help you understand WHAT socialization is and HOW to do it in a way that is safe and fun for your puppy.

Put simply, the goal of socialization is exposure to new contexts and environments. It’s NOT about meeting and greeting bunches of other dogs and people.

In other words, your dog DOES NOT need to meet 100 people or 100 dogs in order to be “well socialized”.

Your puppy does need safe, controlled exposures to new places, sounds, smells, surfaces, experiences and sights (like bikes, people, dogs, etc). where she has all the choice and control about who to interact with and when.

One of the most important things to understand is that true socialization is a window of time that you need to capitalize on. The Critical Period of Socialization for puppies is between 3 weeks and 4 months of age and this is the best time to get your puppy out for socialization “field trips”. We will talk a more in depth about the developmental stages of puppies throughout the course.


To make the more out of your course, we suggest:


Watch the Lessons in Order

We strongly recommend that you watch and implement the lessons in order.

 Follow the Activities as Explained in the Lessons

We strongly recommend that you follow the activities as they have been described in the videos and handouts.

Comments and Questions

Your comments and questions are welcome in the comments section of the course located at the bottom of each lesson page in your course portal.


We are excited that you decided to take this Puppy Socialization course and we look forward to helping your puppy mature into a well-socialized, adaptable and resilient adult dog.

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