Ditch Your Dog’s Aggression in 5 Steps

Online Dog Training Classes and Webinars

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Online Classes

Boston T puppy

Puppy Kindergarten/
Beginner Class

training dog to find things with scent


Basic Manners/Level 2 Class

For: Puppies/dogs up to 5 months old who are taking their first class
Length: 6 weeks
Cost: $180
Location: Your home

For: Puppies/dogs of all ages and all abilities. No previous training required.
Length: 6 weeks
Cost: $180
Location: Your home

For: Puppies & dogs over 5 months old
Length: 6 weeks
Location: Your home

Live Webinars

naughty dalmations

Why Does My Dog Do That?

Details: The live webinar is over but the full recording is now available for purchase. 

A well-behaved dog is just a click away! Join us for an informative and entertaining webinar (replay) where we will explain why your dog does what she does, the good and the naughty. The presentation includes clear strategies on stopping naughty/annoying behavior and getting more of the good stuff.


What is My Dog Saying?

Details: May 11th at 6:30 PM EST

Humans talk all the time and we fully expect our dogs to understand us, but the fact of the matter is, our dogs read body language. They only understand words that have been taught to them. Join us for an informative and fun webinar learning what your dog is saying.

Aggression In Dogs

Details: The live webinar is over but the full recording is now available for purchase.

Dog Aggression is all too common. Our dogs can be real love bugs to us, but not our family or friends. And some dogs can live harmoniously with other dogs, but turn into Kujo on the street. Join us for an informational webinar on the dog aggression. 

Solutions For Reactive Dogs

Details: May 25th 6:30 PM EST

Feeling embarrassed and frustrated with your dog’s reactive behavior when you walk her? Maybe she’s barking, lunging, and just plain having a fit. Join us for an informative webinar on why your dog reacts and what you can do to help her.

Nose Work

Upcoming Virtual Classes

Our virtual classes are effective and fun! We meet weekly for a live class on Zoom to review assignments from the previous & upcoming weeks. Then you post quick homework videos or questions in the private Facebook group for feedback.

” I was initially skeptical about how a virtual Nosework class would work. Amy reassured us that it would be doable. Not only was it doable but it turned out to be ideal! Posting videos of our homework for all of us to see and then hearing  from Amy about how our dogs were learning and having her give suggestions was key. Amy, being the dog whisperer that she is, totally gets dogs “virtually”, as well as their owners! ”  ~ Louise & Sophie

Virtual Nosework Class – Beginner

This is the class for you if you and your pup are BRAND NEW to nosework. We will get you started in this fun and popular sport and teach you the basics. Come have fun and get your pup sniffing!
For more details and registration for this class CLICK HERE.

Virtual Nosework Class – Foundations

This class is for graduates of the Nosework Beginner Class. In this class we will continue to build on the challenges we started in the beginner class.
For more details and registration for this class CLICK HERE.

One of the most natural things in the world is for your dog to use his nose to sniff out stuff. In this class we will introduce your dog to searching games where we teach him that it is OK to use his nose! As dogs progress we will make the searching games more complex, introduce target odors and expand the searching to larger areas, outdoors & vehicles.

Whether you want to compete in the world of Nose Work or you just want some fun new games to play with your dog, this class will provide a great foundation to scent work.

Join us for this fun class where dogs get big rewards for using that powerful sense of smell, and you and your dog grow your bond as you work on new skills together.