Private Dog Training

We Teach You to Train Your Dog

Would You Like...

  • A dog who is well-behaved and pays attention to you?
  • A dog who greets guests politely?
  • A dog you can take anywhere without worry?

Whatever naughty dog behavior you’re struggling with, relief is just a phone call away!
603-499-6208 for Amy Willey, CPDT-KA or
603-499-6207 for Denise Mazzola, CPDT – KA

About Private Training

 Where:  In your home 

When:  At a mutually convenient time.

How:  We teach you and your dog in private training lessons.

What:  We’ll evaluate your dog, listen to your concerns and  goals then develop a training and behavior plan that is easy to follow.

Lab getting treat on lawn - positive training
private dog training consult

How do I get started?

All individual training, begins with an initial consult.

Where: Your home

How long: 1.5 to 2 hours

Cost:  $225.00.

Private Coaching Packages

4-one hour sessions = $395 
6-one hour sessions = $550 Suggested for multiple dogs, puppies and aggressive issues., 


What sort of things does private training cover?

introducing a new puppy

New Puppy

Where: In your home or in our office.

When: At a time that suits you.

How: We give you the A to Z on bringing a new puppy or dog into your home.

What: We walk with you through the essentials of house-training, chewing, exercise, feeding, crate training, equipment, and how to start building a life time of great memories and behavior.

Get started, schedule your Initial Consult now: 603-499-6207

Basic Manners

Be the envy of your family and friends with a well behaved dog. 

All dogs, regardless of age benefit from regular training.

We will develop an individualized  training and behavior plan based on your goals. 

dog waiting for cue
service dog training

Therapy & Service Dog

We will develop a personal training plan to achieve your specific goals for becoming a Therapy Dog Team or to be certified as a Service Dog Team. 

By working one on one we will guide you and your dog to meet all the necessary requirements.

Plan for several sessions as therapy dog training and service dog training is very intensive and specific. 

Behavior Problems

Naughty dog problems range from chronic running way, eating the trash to barking and lunging at guests, at dogs on a walk or simply  being worried about your dog’s behavior. 

Denise has over 25 years working with dogs and people and is the leading expert on dog aggression. 

If your dog has bitten you, someone outside the family or has had dog fights you will be in the best care with Denise.


Having a well behaved dog is easier than you think. We can help.

Are you ready to get started?