Bell Training for Dogs


Bell training for dogs or puppies is an easy two-step process. 

Having your dog trained to ring a bell to go outside eliminates the frustrating guessing game around when your dog or puppy is asking to go out. It’s a clear signal that says, “I need to go out now, please!”.

The bells are also portable so you can take them with you anywhere you go so your dog can reliably ask to go outside no matter where you are.

Our Bell Training for Dogs course will have your dog or puppy ringing that bell to go outside in no time!

This course is included in The Puppy Bundle where you get all of our puppy courses in one bundle for a discounted price. 



Bell Training for Dogs

Bell training for dogs can help your dog or puppy clearly tell you that they need to go outside to go potty without excessive barking or scratching up your door. This type of training can easily be added to your potty-training process if you have a puppy OR you can use Bell Training for Dogs to teach an already house-trained dog to ring the bells. Either way, having a puppy or dog who knows how to ring bells when s/he needs to go outside is super convenient and clear. 

Often, bell training for dogs and puppies can be accomplished in as little as 2 weeks. 

Bell training a dog or puppy has these benefits:

✅ It’s a CLEAR signal that your puppy/dog is able to use when they need to go out.

✅ It’s PORTABLE so you can take the bells with you anywhere you go.
Your puppy/dog will know
HOW to ask to go out anywhere you are visiting!

The Bell Training for Dogs course includes:

2 easy to follow video lessons

2 handouts (one for each lesson) for you to download and print

A comments section where you can reach out and ask us questions about the training 

This course is on demand so all the video lessons, handouts, etc. are available for you to watch at your speed and convenience as soon as you make your purchase. After purchase, the course is yours to keep forever. That’s right! You have lifetime access to the course. 

NOTE: This course is very specific to teaching a puppy or dog to ring the bells as a signal to go outside and is not intended to teach you all the steps necessary to potty train your puppy or dog. If you need potty training support, please consider purchasing our Potty Training for Puppies course along with this course.