How to Read Dog Body Language


Dogs are born with an incredibly intricate and complex communication system and it’s all about  body language and signals. This webinar recording; Dog Body Language; Unlocking Your Dog’s Communication System covers some of the most common dog body language signals that people miss or misinterpret. Sometimes dog body language and communication is really obvious and often, it’s a bit more subtle. Join us as we help unlock the code so you can really know what your dog is feeling.



As humans, most of us primarily communicate through verbal language, but our dogs communicate primarily through their dog body language.  Dog Body Language: Unlocking Your Dog’s Communication System will help you better understand what your dog is saying so you can really know when she is happy or when she is feeling uncertain or stressed. 

 Did you know that when your dog yawns, she may NOT be tired? That yawning can be a sign of stress? 

 Can we really count on just a wagging tail to tell us whether or not a dog is friendly or “OK?” 

 What the heck does it mean when a dog has “whale eye”?  

Join us to learn what to watch for, and what it all means, when dogs use the amazing ritualized communication system they are born with. Dog Body Language: Unlocking Your Dog’s Communication System includes discussion on the categories of communication (i.e. friendly vs. fearful vs. aggressive) as well as photos and narrated videos to illustrate key dog body language cues. It’s all geared towards helping you learn more about YOUR dog and what she is communicating to you. 

 By understanding what your dog is communicating, you can be better at responding to her uncertainties and supporting her when she needs you.

This presentation is a full recording of a live webinar; Dog Body Language; Unlocking Your Dog’s Communication System. It is approximately 90 minutes long and includes the full Q&A session held at the end. 

All body parts matters when it comes to dog body language and communication;

➡️ Tail

➡️ Eyes

➡️ Ears

➡️ Mouth

➡️ Paws

➡️ Weight shift

Join the workshop and get a front-row seat to unlocking the meaning behind the yawn, the truth about that wagging tail, what’s up with whale eye, and many other dog body language cues your dog communicates with!