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Real Solutions For Your Reactive Dog
February 28th at 7 PM EST
Are you a dog owner who feels worried and nervous about your dog behaving out of control on a walk? Do you have a dog who sees another dog and barks, growls, lunges, nearly pulls you off your feet and is impossible to redirect? Have you tried using treats, corrections, different styles of collars and harnesses but none of it is working? Let us help you and your dog return to calm and make all that chaos a thing of the past.

Why Does My Dog Do That?
This live webinar is over but the recording is available either as a single purchase or with the bundle offer. 
Are you a dog owner struggling with a dog who jumps, barks, digs, chews, gets mouthy, or is frustrating to walk? Then this webinar is for you! We will address dog behavior in a way you can actually understand, so you can respond to your dog’s behavior in an effective way that makes lasting change for the future. Join us and we’ll help you STOP all that naughty behavior!

What is My Dog Saying?
This live webinar is over but the recording is available either as a single purchase or with the bundle offer. 
Take a deep dive into the world of dog body language and communication. There’s so much more to dog body language than whether or not her tail is wagging. When you learn to “read dog” you can really know whether or not your dog is happy or tentative with an interaction, whether play between two dogs (or puppies) is balanced and healthy, whether your dog is feeling comfortable or worried. This webinar will help you gain a deeper understanding or your dog’s emotional state so you know how to support her.

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Why Does My Dog Do That?!

In this webinar, we will help you teach your dog to LISTEN and show you how to STOP whatever annoying behaviors your dog has. The jumping, barking, biting, chewing, lunging on walks and other naughty behaviors will all be a thing of the past!

Dog training is definitely not magic, but when you understand some very key principals you can start to feel in control again. The information in this webinar will put you back in the driver’s seat of your dog’s behavior, and help improve your relationship. 

We will not only look at dog behavior, but we will also show you how to examine your dog’s Learning experiences, Environmental influences, Genetics (both familial and breed genetics) and her Self (her individualness) to help you problem solve your dog’s behavior from a perspective that takes so much more into account than just what she is “doing”. 

You and your dog will both benefit from this presentation. 

Your dream dog is waiting for you!

Real Solutions for Your Reactive Dog

Having a dog who barks, lunges and otherwise loses his mind while you are trying to enjoy that nice afternoon walk is frustrating, embarrassing and sometimes even scary. You’ve probably tried everything; treats, corrections, yelling (it’s OK – we are all human and we all get frustrated), different harnesses or different collars and you are seeing little to no change. 

Our approach to reactivity is to help you look at the “whole” dog.
In order to solve the reactivity puzzle we need to look deep beyond the behavior.
We need to also understand:

  • the root causes of reactivity
  • your dog’s past experiences and how those combine with genetics to influence behavior
  • the difference between stressors and stress
  • how adrenaline and cortisol influence your dog’s behavior and reactivity
  • how to prevent the behavior to give your dog’s nervous system a chance to calm down
  • how to respond to your dog’s reactive behavior to reduce his meltdowns and give you both more confidence
  • thresholds and triggers and how they interact with one another (why is your dog ok sometimes and a twirling dervish on the leash at other times?)

Living with a reactive dog can be a real nightmare and sometimes it can feel like it takes over your whole life. 

This webinar is packed full of information to help you get a handle on your dog’s reactivity.

It’s time to make all that reactive behavior a thing of the past so you and your dog can enjoy your walks together again. 


What is My Dog Saying?

Dog body language and communication are a foreign language to us humans. In this webinar, we will teach you how to read “dog” so that you will have a clearer idea about what your dog (or any dog!) is trying to say with her body language. 

There are so many misunderstandings when it comes to how humans interpret what dogs are saying vs. what dogs actually mean:

Is the dog who is rolling over on his back really asking for a belly rub?

Is a wagging tail really an indicator of friendliness?

Is a dog who is sniffing a hand really consenting to an interaction?

In this webinar, we will cover the most common dog body language cues as well as help you interpret the most commonly misunderstood signals. 

Learning to read dog body language and communication cues is a real gift to both your dog and any dog you encounter. Dogs really love it when humans really “get” what they are saying!


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