Potty Training for Puppies


Potty Training for Puppies is an on demand virtual course for puppies (and their owners) who are still learning the potty training ropes AND for older puppies and dogs who may not be fully potty trained.

Potty Training for Puppies was developed to help puppy owners get a quick handle on potty training, and to set puppies and their people up for long-term success. Every puppy can learn to potty outside. Let us show you how!

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There is nothing more frustrating than constantly cleaning up puppy accidents/messes, and Potty Training for Puppies is here to help you put all of that in the past.

Once your puppy or dog is potty trained, she can have:

✅ more FREEDOM!

✅ the ability to go more PLACES!

✅ the ability to have more FUN ADVENTURES with you!

The Potty Training for Puppies course teaches you the exact same steps we use for any puppy or dog who comes into our care and needs help with potty training.

The Potty Training for Puppies course includes:

➡️ 9 short video lessons

➡️ 8 handouts for you to download and print

➡️ a Potty Training Journal Sheet for you to download and use to chart your puppy’s potty training success or identity areas that may need troubleshooting

💥 This course is on demand so all the video lessons, handouts, etc. are available for you to watch at your speed and convenience as soon as you purchase the course. After purchase, the course is yours to keep forever. That’s right! You will have lifetime access to the course.

The goal of our protocol is to help you accomplish potty training for your puppy or newly adopted dog as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The steps are easy to follow and have been proven to work with 100’s of puppies and dogs.

Are you ready to STOP cleaning up annoying and frustrating puppy accidents?

Purchase the course now and have immediate access to all the lessons and handouts.

It’s time to teach your puppy to go potty OUTSIDE!