Why Does My Dog Do That?! – Live Webinar


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This webinar is designed to give dog owners useful and practical insight into their dog’s behavior. The presentation will provide proven strategies to train and strengthen the good stuff (i.e. sit, down, coming when called), and information on how to stop unwanted stuff (i.e. barking, jumping, chewing, digging, destructive behavior, running away).

We will tackle all the key things that influence your dog’s behavior so you can start implementing strategies right away and see improvement immediately!

There is no magic behind successful animal training but there is science. When we have a clear understanding of the scientific principles that influence behavior and training, we are in the best position possible to:

➡️ problem-solve

➡️ eliminate unwanted behaviors

➡️ build desired behaviors

➡️ improve performance

➡️ have the relationship with our dogs that we dream of.

Join us now for:

✅  A deeper understanding of the science behind dog training and behavior

✅  How to use the science of how dogs learn to your advantage when it comes to living with and training your best friend

✅  Tips on eliminating unwanted behavior

✅  Strategies on how to get your dog to do what you want

✅  An improved relationship with your dog

“This presentation was eye opening! Thank you so much. The most helpful and interesting part was about building mass!” – Catherine C.

Can’t attend LIVE? We’ve got your back! Anyone who registers (whether you attend the live presentation or not) will receive a link to the full recording of the presentation within 24 hours of the live webinar ending. Scroll down for Webinar Description.


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Why Does My Dog Do That?!

In this webinar, we will to you to teach your dog to LISTEN and show you how to STOP annoying behaviors. The jumping, barking, chewing, lunging on walks and other naughty behaviors will all be a thing of the past!

Dog training is definitely not magic, but when you understand the key principals you can start to feel in control again. This webinar will put you back in the driver’s seat of your dog’s behavior, and will improve your relationship.

Not only will we examine dog behavior, we will also show you how to examine your dog’s Learning experiences, Environmental influences, Genetics (both familial and breed genetics) and her Self (her individualness) to help you problem solve your dog’s behavior from a perspective that takes so much more into account than just what she is “doing”.
(Credit to Kim Brophey’s L.E.G.S. model)

You and your dog will both benefit from this presentation.

Your dream dog is waiting for you!