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Dog Aggression, Fact vs Fiction


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If more socialization and more training were the answers to stopping your dog’s aggressive/reactive behavior, then you and your dog would be freaking rock stars.   

Enroll now in Revealing Your Dream Dog, Ditch the Aggression not the Dog and get started. 

“…We want to thank you guys for an incredible 6 months. We have tried many trainers and programs over the past couple of years. There has been an incredible improvement with Oso and also with us. Terry and I have learned so much with Everything Dog it is by far the best program out there. The transformation has been mind boggling…”
Paul B.
Springfield, Missouri

Denise Mazzola

Certified professional dog trainer, people person and behaviorist. For 30+ years, I’ve worked with dog owners who are so frustrated and confused by their dog’s aggressive/reactive behavior. 

I help you teach your dog how to calm their nervous system so that the aggressive/reactive behavior will stop. And so that your dog will be calm on walks, calm when guests come over and your dogs will sleep, eat and play together again. 

This proven system has worked for thousands of dogs and their owners. 

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Let's work together to stop the aggression.

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