Aggie Visits a Local Park

Come along with as we take Aggie to a local park for some exposures and labeling and feeding. While at the park we see kids, bikes, people and hear a barking dog. Aggie handles all of this in stride and Denise demonstrates how and when to label and feed.

Note: When you take your puppy to new places watch your puppy for signs of how comfortable or uncomfortable (tail tucked, flinching, hiding behind your legs or trying to dart away) she is and provide your puppy with more distance from the things she is uncomfortable with until she starts to feel better. Any interactions with people and/or dogs should be consensual. Meaning your puppy initiates the interaction and is able to break it off anytime she wants. These field trips should be both educational and FUN for your puppy!

A special thank you to Boonefield Labradors of Rindge, NH for letting us borrow Aggie and Elkie for an afternoon of videoing!