Coaching Calls and How They Work

This course offers coaching calls where we may do some teaching or lead a discussion on specific topics, and you will always have the opportunity to ask Denise and Amy questions about your dog and your situation. This is where you will get coaching on the specific strategies to help your dog.

Coaching calls can last up to 2 hours depending on how many people are on the call and how many questions or discussions points there are. We will stay on the call as long as necessary for everyone to have their questions and concerns addressed. 

The dates and times of your Coaching Calls are listed under a separate course in your library called “Coaching Call Replays” with the month/year you joined the course. This separate Coaching Call course is also where the replays of the calls will be posted as well. 

If you have questions about where to find your Coaching Call Course for the dates & times of upcoming calls as well as replays of past calls, please review the “How to Navigate Around the Course” video found in this Course Introduction and Orientation section. 

Use this link to join each coaching call:

Prior to the calls, we will post a reminder in the Facebook Group with the link to join.