To Do – Write Your Emotional Percentage on the Group Facebook Page

After watching the video lesson, what is your percentage?

If you have a low percentage under 80%, is there anything you can do, any behavior change you can make to reduce your dog-stress and possibly increase your percentage?

What beliefs can you let go of?

For example, I worked with a client whose previous Labrador was social and friendly with people. This previous dog was typical of the breed, friendly and outgoing. She had no worries about this dog. Her current Labrador who is 4 years old has bitten two people. Bit both people on the arm, no punctures, no bruising, but scared my client. One of her struggles is that she is holding the belief that her current dog should be friendly towards all people, just like the breed is suppose to be and just like her previous dog was. When she realized that, she was better able to problem solve how to manage her current dog to keep her safe and to keep her guests safe.