Dog Psychology: Why Do Dogs Do That?


Looking for a better understanding of what is happening in your dog’s mind and why she behaves the way she does? Dog Psychology: Why Do Dogs Do That? is here to help! This recorded webinar if full of information and strategies to help you hack into your dog’s brain and understand how it works so you can train her and her improve her behavior. Say goodbye to the jumping, the barking, the chasing things and other annoying behaviors and say hello to your well-behaved dog. 


Feeling frustrated by your dog’s jumping or barking or (insert naughty behavior here)? Does it feel like she totally ignores you sometimes? Dog Psychology: Why Do Dogs Do That? is the webinar for you!

“This information is a total game changer. Now I know how to help my dog WANT to do what I would like her to do.” Rachael S.

This webinar recording is designed to give dog owners insight into their dog’s behavior. The presentation will provide effective strategies to train and strengthen the good stuff (i.e. sit, down, coming when called), and information on how to stop unwanted stuff (i.e. barking, jumping, running away).

There is no magic behind successful animal training but there is science. When we have a clear understanding of the scientific principles that influence behavior and training, we are in the best position possible to:

➡️ problem-solve

➡️ eliminate unwanted behaviors

➡️ build desired behaviors

➡️ improve performance

➡️ have the relationship with our dogs that we dream of.

This presentation is a full recording of our live webinar; Dog Psychology: Why Do Dogs Do That? It is approximately 2 hours long and includes the full Q&A session held at the end. 

Join us now for:

✅  A deeper understanding of the science behind dog training and behavior

✅  How to use the science of how dogs learn to your advantage when it comes to training your best friend

✅  Tips on eliminating unwanted behavior

✅  Strategies on how to get your dog to do what you want

✅  An improved relationship with your dog

“This presentation was eye opening! Thank you so much. The most helpful and interesting part was about building mass!” – Catherine C.