Muzzle Training and Tips: Teach your dog to happily wear a muzzle


There are so many reasons that dogs are taught to wear muzzles and not all of them have to do with aggression. No matter the reason for your muzzle training, our Muzzle Training and Tips course can help you teach your dog to happily and comfortably wear a muzzle using an easy to follow, step-by-step process.


Muzzles! We love them AND your dog can too!

This course, Muzzle Training and Tips, breaks down the steps of muzzle training into lessons that are fun for your dog and EASY for you to follow so you will start to see success right away. 

There are lots of reasons to teach your dog to happily wear a basket muzzle and this Muzzle Training and Tips program will have your pup eagerly looking forward to “muzzle time” in no time!

Dogs might need to wear muzzles because:

  He is exhibiting aggression towards people or other dogs, and you want to feel confident that no one will get hurt while you are working on his training. 

He is obsessively eating objects and his health depends on being able to manage that behavior.

She has difficulty with veterinary visits and/or nail trims and you want to ease everyone’s stress around these situations.

He LOVES great big outdoor adventures with you, and you want him to be comfortable with a muzzle in case he ever gets injured and needs to be carried. 

She LOVES going places with you but feels nervous or worried about new people and/or dogs and you want the muzzle to act like a big red STOP sign to keep people and their dogs away. (We’ve used a muzzle for this reason and it allowed our dog, Frankie, so much more relaxed freedom out in the world!)

No matter the reason you want you pup to be comfortable wearing a muzzle, Muzzle Training and Tips is the course that will get you results.

The Muzzle Training and Tips course includes:

A lesson on the different types of muzzle and safe use guidelines for each type

8 step-by-step video lessons

8 handouts (one for each lesson) for you to download and print

A comments section where you can reach out and ask us questions about the training 

This course is on demand so all the video lessons, handouts, etc. are available for you to watch at your speed and convenience as soon as you make your purchase. After purchase, the course is yours to keep forever. That’s right! You have lifetime access to the course. 

The goal of this course is to set your dog up to LOVE ️ the muzzle just like any other piece of equipment you might use (i.e. leash, collar or harness).

If you can set aside a few minutes a day, you can train your dog to love and happily accept a muzzle.