Real Solutions for Your Reactive Dog


Tired and frustrated by your dog’s barking, lunging and carrying on when he sees another dog out on your walk? Real Solutions for Your Reactive Dog has the information you need to go from chaos to calm. This recorded webinar contains tons of information and strategies so that you know what to do to help your reactive dog navigate the world with more control over his emotions and behavior.

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Are you walking your dog in the early morning or late at night so you can avoid other dogs? Has your dog’s crazy behavior turned your quiet afternoon walk into a stressful nightmare? Whether your dog is reactive to dogs or people, we can help you just like we’ve helped 100’s of reactive dog clients.

“Although we worked with two other trainers with some success, we still dreaded running into other dogs on our walks.   Many times we thought we would have to give our dog, Muldoon, back to the rescue because of his leash reactivity and aggression. The thought broke our hearts.  We knew we needed to find a trainer who understood reactive dogs. Amy and Denise (the trainers at Everything Dog) were the ones. Their work with us has given us the tools and confidence to deal with difficult situations while walking Muldoon.” Anita W. – Keene, NH

This presentation is a full recording of a live webinar; Solutions for Your Reactive Dog. It is approximately 2 hours long and includes the full Q&A session held at the end.

The webinar includes:

➡️ Learning about the biggest mistakes people make when trying to fix reactivity

➡️ Reviewing the causes of reactivity

➡️ Steps every reactive dog owner can take NOW to improve their dog’s behavior

➡️ Addressing reactivity as an EMOTIONAL issue first and a training issue second

➡️ Example of the behavioral protocol that we use as a treatment plan for our reactive dog clients

➡️ The importance of understanding Trigger Stacking & Triggers

➡️ Learning theory as it relates to reactivity

Having a reactive dog can be embarrassing and stressful. Participants of this webinar will gain strategies and techniques that they can implement right away to improve the behavior of their best friend.

“Thank you so much Amy and Denise. This was very informative and helpful. I feel I can use this info to practice the skills you talked about.” Kris H. – Online