Dog Body Language & Aggressive Behavior


Interpreting dog body language can be one of the first steps in better understanding your dog’s aggressive behavior. Dogs can’t tell us how they are feeling so instead they use the position of their tails, ears, eyes, weight and other body language cues to communicate what is happening for them on the inside. Rarely does aggressive behavior “come out of nowhere” but what dogs are communicating through dog body language is often missed completely or misinterpreted. This mini-seminar will help you bridge the gap between dog body language and aggressive behavior. 


There are often dog body language cues that can help predict aggressive behavior. The Aggression Ladder of behavior does not go from “I’m completely cool and comfortable” to “I’m going to bite you” in two steps. Very often, there are as series of steps that are visible in dog body language cues that can help us predict the direction of an interaction, whether it’s an interaction with a human or another dog. 

This mini-seminar is about 45 minutes long and includes a recorded presentation with photo and video examples of dog body language cues and interactions for you to learn from.  

The goals of this presentation are for you to be able to:

✅  Tell when your dog is feeling uncomfortable or worried about an interaction

✅  Know when your dog is at risk for biting

✅  When to intervene to keep your dog (and others) safe

✅  Know what your dog is REALLY saying so you know what she needs

✅  How to recognize when your dog is feeling stressed so you can the stress does not escalate into an aggressive situation

NOTE: For a more general course on dog body language, consider purchasing our recorded webinar, How to Read Dog Body Language